QuimP Changelog

Release History

Version Date Description
19.08.01 2019-08-11 Release
19.04.02 2019-04-14 Release
19.04.01 2019-04-09 Release
19.03.01 2019-03-26 Release
19.01.01 2019-01-16 Release
18.10.01 2018-10-17 Release
18.02.01 2018-02-26 Release
18.01.01 2018-01-23 Release
17.12.02 2017-12-10 Release
17.12.01 2017-12-08 Internal Release
17.10.02 2017-10-21 Release
17.10.01 2017-10-14 Release
17.07.02 2017-08-01 Bugfix
17.07.01 2017-07-28 Release
17.06.02 2017-06-16 Release
17.06.01 2017-06-05 Release
17.05.01 2017-05-24 Release
17.04.04 2017-04-28 Release
17.04.03 2017-04-12 Release
17.04.02 2017-04-03 Release
17.04.01 2017-03-31 Release
17.03.02 2017-03-23 Release
17.03.01 2017-03-14 Release
17.02.04 2017-02-16 Release
17.02.03 2017-02-07 Release
17.02.02 2017-02-06 Release
17.02.01 2017-01-30 Release
17.01.02 2017-01-18 Release
17.01.01 2017-01-17 Release
16.12.02 2016-12-09 Release
16.12.01 2016-12-08 Release
16.11.02 2016-11-25 Release
16.11.01 2016-11-22 Release
16.10.03 2016-10-20 Hot Fix
16.10.02 2016-10-20 Release
16.10.01 2016-10-17 Release
16.08.06 2016-10-06 Release
16.08.05 2016-10-06 Release
16.08.04 2016-10-03 Release
16.08.03 2016-10-01 Release
16.08.02 2016-09-15 Release
16.08.01-SNAPSHOT 2016-09-13 Release candidate 3
16.08.01-SNAPSHOT 2016-09-02 Release candidate 2
16.08.01-SNAPSHOT 2016-09-01 Release candidate 1
16.08.01-SNAPSHOT 2016-07-30 Release candidate
16.08.01-SNAPSHOT 2016-07-18 Snapshot release
16.08.01-SNAPSHOT 2016-07-13 Snapshot release

Release 19.08.01 – 2019-08-11

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed problem with deleting cells under specific conditions. Fixes 316. baniuk
Fix QuimP-Vectorize: Plugin fails if mask provided from file. Fixes 313. baniuk
Update QuimP-Q: Fixed scale window. Fixes 315. baniuk
Update QuimP-ANA: Better message on overriding results. Fixes 314. baniuk
QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: Fixed bug related to invalid maps causing exception. Fixes 310. baniuk
QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: Unscaled maps always returned motility map. Fixes 311. baniuk
Update QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: Updated logging. Fixes 312. baniuk

Release 19.04.02 – 2019-04-14

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-ECMM: Fixed wrong computation of ECMM due to incompatibility with newest IJ. Fixes 309. baniuk

Release 19.04.01 – 2019-04-09

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: Polar plots were not generated and exception was thrown. Fixes 308. baniuk
Add QuimP-Omero: Added basic integration with Omero. Fixes 307. baniuk
Fix QuimP-FormatConverter: Format converter window is not added to Windows taskbar. Fixes 305. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Added tests for new Protrusion Analysis module. baniuk

Release 19.03.01 – 2019-03-26

Type Changes By
Update QuimP-ECMM: Added unique names for ECMM plots for QCONF path. Fixes 306. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Fixed bug QCONF plugins end with error if canceled at initial stage. Fixes 304. baniuk
Fix QuimP-ANA: ANA raised an exception if there is no stat file in QCONF. Stats are necessary for AAN but now it shows an error. Fixes 302. baniuk
Fix QuimP-FormatConverter: ECMM field was created in QCONF even if ECMM was not run. This confused other plugins in pipeline. Fixes 301. baniuk
Add QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: New, reworked API. Fixes 300. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: QCONF created under Windows crashed the module. Fixes 293. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Numerous updates. baniuk

Release 19.01.01 – 2019-01-16

Type Changes By
Update QuimP: Updated reference paper. baniuk

Release 18.10.01 – 2018-10-17

Type Changes By
Update QuimP: Updated scijava. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Added multithreading, speeds up segmentation a little. baniuk
Fix QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: Windows have unique names. baniuk
Fix QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: Plugin can not be started from macro. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Macros failed on Windows due to wrong interpretation of path separator. Fixes 299. baniuk
Fix QuimP-API: Code cleaning. Fixes 299. baniuk

Release 18.02.01 – 2018-02-26

Type Changes By
Update QuimP-Q: QAnalysis module can be run from Macro, it also reports to Macro Recorder (only if called from menu, not from QuimP Toolabr). Fixes 298. baniuk
Update QuimP-ANA: ANA module can be run from Macro, it also reports to Macro Recorder (only if called from menu, not from QuimP Toolabr). Fixes 297. baniuk
Update QuimP-BinarySeg: Binary Segmentation module computes also statistics. Fixes 295. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Fixed wrong module name reported to Macro Recorder. Fixes 294. baniuk
Add QuimP-BinarySeg: Added new independent module that produces valid QCONF files from binary masks (also available from Macro). It allows to use any external segmentation software instead of BOA. Fixes 292. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Wrong behavior of Snake filters if Snakes were created by Binary Segmentation plugin. Fixes 291. baniuk
Update QuimP-BOA: Updated descriptions for modules. Fixes 288. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed bug that caused that filters were not applied to manually edited snake. Fixes 285. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Better and more descriptive tests, added new templates for QuimP modules, new UI controls in QWindowBuilder and more. baniuk

Release 18.01.01 – 2018-01-23

Type Changes By
Add QuimP: Improved support for IJ macro language for most of the modules. Check Macro Recorder for syntax. Note that syntax is different from native IJ plugins. Fixes 273. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed bug causing Exception during saving QCONF file on exit if there was ROI selected in the BOA window. Fixes 279. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: Added Save and Save As that allow to save QCONF without quitting from BOA. Fixes 280. baniuk
Update QuimP-BOA: Fixed possible bug in cells proximity detection when one cell is frozen. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: Added option for expanding snakes from inside of the object. Disabled also previous option that seemed not working. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Added non-proportional scaling of objects during automatic seed propagation between frames. Improved also handling thin objects that should not vanish after scaling. Fixes 239. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Added multi-cell segmentation. Fixes 284. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Added optional filtering of masks before their propagation to next frame (option in UI). Fixes 286. baniuk
Update QuimP-FormatConverter: Added option for exporting each frame to separate file. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Updated exceptions handling. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Added median and mean filter to PointListProcessor/OutlineProcessor. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Many substantial changes. baniuk

Release 17.12.02 – 2017-12-10

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed wrong frames reported in BOA status log on error. Fixes 271. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: Added Freeze Cell button. Frozen cells are not modified when segmentation options are changed. Fixes 274. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Increased number of fractional digits in some controls in plugins. Fixes 278. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Added new types of controls in QWindowBuilder. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed possible exception when Add Cell button was used without ROI. Also fixed empty error window when wrong file was loaded. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Changed UI to horizontal. baniuk

Release 17.12.01 – 2017-12-08

Type Changes By
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Allow to set relative error in Random Walk plugin. This solves problem with ending iterative process too early. There is also new option for better estimation of background level in automatic seed propagation mode. Fixes 275. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: New setting that allows to process only cell that is currently zoomed in. Other cells are frozen and they are not touched when either segmentation options or filters are changed. Fixes 274. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Better exception handling and minor fixes. baniuk
Update QuimP-ANA: Changed behavior of Plot Outline check box in ANA GUI. Now, its state is propagated through all cells processed within one QCONF. baniuk

Release 17.10.02 – 2017-10-21

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP: Exception when registration window was canceled by unregistered user. Fixes 270. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Added output mask cutting by initial mask. Fixes 266. baniuk
Update QuimP: Restored stQP file on save for new path. baniuk
Add QuimP-FormatConverter: Add extraction of stQP file directly from QCONF. Fixes 269. baniuk
Update QuimP: Reduced number of logs produced. Updated exceptions handling. baniuk

Release 17.10.01 – 2017-10-14

Type Changes By
Add QuimP-BOA: Segmentation can be interrupted. Fixed also plugin propagation algorithm. Note that BOA plugins can not be interrupted. BOA shows also busy status that is useful with computationally intensive plugins. Fixes 46. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Removed obsolete parameters from QCONF. baniuk
Update QuimP: Statistic files and maps are not saved when new (default) format is selected. baniuk
Add QuimP-FormatConverter: New module, full conversion between format is supported. Selected parameters from QCONF can be saved as csv file. Fixes 145. baniuk

Release 17.07.02 – 2017-08-01

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-BOA: Last frame index could be wrongly set after manual editing of frames or using filters. This affected e.g. ANA. Fixes 268. baniuk

Release 17.07.01 – 2017-07-28

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-FormatConverter: stQP files are converted to QCONF. Fixes 175. baniuk
Update QuimP-BinarySeg: Snakes recreated from masks have basic properties set. Fixes 256. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: Added copy from last frame buttons. Fixes 259. baniuk
Update QuimP-DIC: Added invert option to the filter. Fixes 261. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Optimise statistics saving. Fixes 262. baniuk
Update QuimP-ProtrusionAnalysis: Better polar plots. Fixes 264. baniuk

Release 17.06.02 – 2017-06-16

Type Changes By
Update QuimP-API: Updated documentation. Fixes 257. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Save and Quit fails if only one frame is segmented. Fixed also endFrame field handling in QCONF. Fixes 255. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: BOA plugins use less memory. Fixes 254. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Removed tests from production code. Fixes 253. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: Added support for plugins that need image to work. Introduced Random Walk segmentation support to BOA (through external filter). Fixes 206. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Changes in QWindowBuilder. baniuk

Release 17.06.01 – 2017-06-05

Type Changes By
Add QuimP-API: Added Iterator for Shape objects and copy constructor. Fixes 252. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: HatSnakeFilter ranks are not normalised now, fixed also several other bugs. Fixes 245. baniuk

Release 17.05.01 – 2017-05-24

Type Changes By
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: HatSnakeFilter uses now intensity sampled on 3x3 lattice. This should make results more deterministic (see #244). Fixes 245. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Changed internal parameters for HatSnakeFilter. Fixes 244. baniuk
Fix QuimP-API: Fixed running mean filter in OutlineProcessor. Unified APIs across Snake and Outline. Better handling broken linked lists if passed to Shape. Fixes 246. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Refactored conversion from Shape to list of points. Added option for spline or mean smoothing. Fixes 247. baniuk
Fix QuimP-API: Fixed bug in plotting SVG circles that was introduced after earlier code refactoring. Fixes 251. baniuk
Fix QuimP-API: Added forgotten frozen field to PointList copy constructor. Fixes 250. baniuk
Fix QuimP-API: Fixed bug in HatSnakeFilter causing exception if no image was provided. Fixes 249. baniuk
Fix QuimP-API: Fixed correctDensity method for border cases. Fixes 248. baniuk
Update QuimP-API: Many changes: Hamcrest matchers for easier testing of QuimP specific structures, JavaDoc fixes, Findbug warnings, high-level API tests, data conversion (head node is properly maintained now), refactored Shape and child classes. Added calculations of node parameters in constructors baniuk

Release 17.04.04 – 2017-04-28

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-BinarySeg: Added option for merging newly created snakes with those in BOA window. Window selector refreshes correctly. Fixes 242. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Fixed displaying composite seed image if active frame was segmented. Fixes 243. baniuk
Add QuimP-ANA: Added new option for appending results to IJ table. Renamed table to default Results as well. Fixes 240. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Removed FG/BG competition for better investigation. Gamma parameters remain in UI but they are inactive. Fixes 241. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Fixed issue with local mean that has not been used for stack if mask was stack as well. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Fixed issue with displaying seed stack for Morphological seed processing. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Fixed issue with displaying seed stack for NONE seed processing. baniuk

Release 17.04.03 – 2017-04-12

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-BOA: Lack of file separator if QCONF file was opened and then saved. Fixes 237. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Hat filter can now remove any number of protrusion as long as their rank is larger than alev. This behavior is triggered by setting pnum to 0. Fixes 236. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Added stopping criterion based on relative error. This is rather internal update as relative error can not be set from the user interface (yet). Fixes 238. baniuk
Update QuimP: Improved code documentation, especially for RandomWalk. Added plantuml to pom.xml to simplify Java doc building. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Fixed very small bug in RW. It did not influence results. baniuk

Release 17.04.02 – 2017-04-03

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-FormatConverter: Conversion paQP-QCONF gave wrong segmentation parameters at last frame. Fixes 235. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Number of inclusions to find can be set to 0 (Hat filtering) promoting threshold limit over number of inclusions. Fixes 236. baniuk

Release 17.04.01 – 2017-03-31

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Closing RW window by system button on window bar caused that IJ quited as well. Fixes 234. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Image scale was not updated after loading QCONF at static elements of the UI. Fixes 233. baniuk
Fix QuimP-FormatConverter: Fixed many bugs during paQP-QCONF conversion, especially: image scale, image frame interval were wrong, output file core contained extension, node resolution was wrong, creating snQP from ECMM data failed. Fixes 146. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: Button Load works the same as Load from menu. Additionally one can load old data files with it. Fixes 232. baniuk
Add QuimP-BOA: Now, it is possible to copy current filter stack to all other frames. Fixes 184. baniuk
Update QuimP: Code refactoring to meet CodeStyle standards, optimizations within file dialog. baniuk

Release 17.03.02 – 2017-03-23

Type Changes By
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Add option for segmenting current frame only. Fixes 230. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed bug when a cell was deleted when zoomed and then other cell was created. Fixes 197. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Improved filtering vesicles located near the edge. Fixes 229. baniuk
Add QuimP: Files in old format are automatically saved when "Use new format" is unchecked in QuimP Toolbar. Fixes 228. baniuk
Update QuimP: Code improvement and refactoring. baniuk

Release 17.03.01 – 2017-03-14

Type Changes By
Add QuimP: Reworked plugin interfaces to make them compatible with IJ macro. Generate mask can be called from macro. Relevant documentation is in JavaDoc plugin package. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed image scale and frame interval bug. Fixes 227. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Many major improvements in Random Walk plugin. Fixes 226. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Fixed name of IJ tables. Several results can be now presented in native IJ tables. Fixes 189. baniuk
Add QuimP: Added support for GSon versioning. Better handling older configurations. Fixes 220. baniuk
Add QuimP: Code improvements around plugins, changed package naming, cleaned code. baniuk

Release 17.02.04 – 2017-02-16

Type Changes By
Add QuimP-ANA: Fluorescence data can be exported to IJ table for current channel. Fixes 225. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Identified problem with plugin, Java-8 update site must be enabled to have vecmath included in IJ classpath. Fixes 222. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed problem with cell unzooming on Windows. Fixes 193. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Paths to image and QCONF file stored in it are now updated on every save. QCONF can be copied now to other location without risk of accidental modifying of old location. QCONF container is regenerated on every save, internal version and date are updated then. Fixes 118. baniuk

Release 17.02.03 – 2017-02-07

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-ANA: Contour shrinking behavior in ANA. Fixes 224. baniuk

Release 17.02.02 – 2017-02-06

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP: Removed Test QuimP module from menu. Fixes 221. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: File patch in QCONF was not updated when user changed location of image. Fixes 219. baniuk
Update Updates on JavaDoc. Fixes 218. baniuk
Update Removed unnecessary fields from QCONF. baniuk
Update Fixed pom.xml for wrong repository name and doclint. baniuk

Release 17.02.01 – 2017-01-30

Type Changes By
Fix Protrusion Analysis: Fixed tests. Fixes 215. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Added option for real time previewing segmentation progress. Fixes 213. baniuk
Update QuimP: Added scijava pom as parent pom. Fixes 212. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Fixed problem with displaying registration window. Fixes 211. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Fixed crashing when there is less than 3 nodes left after contour shrinking. It happened when too big shrinking power was used. Fixes 209. baniuk
Update QuimP-RandomWalk: Segmentation process does not block UI anymore. Fixes 208. baniuk
Update QuimP: Change webpage in quimp info. Fixes 204. baniuk
Fix QuimP-RandomWalk: Fixed problem when show seeds option was used together with seeding every slice separately (seeds of size of input image). Fixes 203. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed bug when user deleted accidentally contour in edit mode and then quit from edit mode. Fixes 202. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Fixed double extension when overwriting file. Fixes 201. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Zoom selector did not update when QCONF file was loaded. Fixes 199. baniuk
Fix QuimP-ANA: Ana plugin failed when input image was created in IJ. Fixes 8. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: BOA crashed when input image was more than one channel. Fixes 7. baniuk

Release 17.01.02 – 2017-01-18

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP: Disabled generation of old files in QuimP modules if QCONF file is loaded. Fixes 263. baniuk

Release 17.01.01 – 2017-01-17

Type Changes By
Update QuimP: Add convert masks plugin to plugin menu. Fixes 198. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Possible bug in correct density function. Fixes 207. baniuk
Update QuimP: Switch to forked vecmath available in ImageJ jars. Fixes trac/287. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Added object shrinking/expanding using contours. Fixes 205. baniuk

Release 16.12.02 – 2016-12-09

Type Changes By
Add QuimP: Plugin for rendering masks from QCONF. Fixes trac/273. baniuk

Release 16.12.01 – 2016-12-08

Type Changes By
Fix Protrusion Analysis: Error when processing multiple cells. Fixes 190. baniuk
Update QuimP-BOA: Suppress standard console messages. Fixes 188. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Defective snakes are not displayed. Fixes 191. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: Zoom does not work in all cases. Fixes 192. baniuk
Fix QuimP-BOA: False message after loading file "The image opened currently in BOA is different". Fixes 185. baniuk
Update QuimP-ANA: ANA throws unnecessary exception if no file opened. Fixes 172. baniuk
Fix QuimP-DIC: DIC failed on 0,90,180,270 deg. Fixes 182. baniuk

Release 16.11.02 – 2016-11-25

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP-ECMM: Batch processing skips _1.snQP files. Fixes 171. baniuk
Add QuimP-RandomWalk: Better notification on lack of seed when processing stacks. Fixes 179. baniuk
Fix QuimP-DIC: DIC does not process stacks. Fixes 172. baniuk

Release 16.11.01 – 2016-11-22

Type Changes By
Add Protrusion Analysis: Statistics can be previewed in IJ standard measurement window. Fixes 156. baniuk
Update QuimP: Use standard IJ logging framework. Fixes 168. baniuk
Update QuimP: Add automatic versioning in plugins based on Maven. Fixes trac/245. baniuk
Update QuimP-DIC: Create results as new images. Fixes 38. baniuk
Add QuimP-DIC: Add perpendicular averaging. Fixes 170. baniuk
Fix QuimP: QCONF and paQP side-saved on new file format path contains wrong fluoro datafiles. Fixes 174. baniuk
Update QuimP: Support conversion of ANA and Stats data by FormatConverter. Fixes 151. baniuk
Update Random Walk: Show user friendly message when input image in wrong format. Fixes 125. baniuk
Update QuimP: Disable modules to produce paQP files if new format selected. Fixes 173. baniuk

Release 16.10.03 – 2016-10-20

Type Changes By
Fix QuimP: License could not be displayed in QuimP Bar. Fixes 167. baniuk

Release 16.10.02 – 2016-10-20

Type Changes By
Update Services: Front-end services work on new server. Fixes trac/228. baniuk
Fix BOA: BOA fails if old plugins are available in plugin directory. Fixes 163. baniuk
Add QuimP: User can view the license from QuimP Bar. Some unused dependencies removed. Fixes 160. baniuk
Fix Services: Registration form on web deals with empty fields and white characters. Fixes 161. baniuk
Update QuimP: Updated registration text. Fixes 164. baniuk
Add QuimP: User can view the registration window from QuimP Bar. Fixes 165. baniuk
Add QuimP: Added warning before use of FormatConverter. Fixes 166. baniuk
Fix QuimP: Fixed Open Image from QuimP Bar on Mac. Fixes 101. baniuk
Update QuimP: Updated JavaDoc. Fixes 149. baniuk

Release 16.10.01 – 2016-10-17

Type Changes By
Add QuimP: Added registration window. Fixes 159. baniuk
Add Protrusion Analysis: Added polar plots. Fixes 148. baniuk

Release 16.08.06 – 2016-10-06

Type Changes By
Fix Random Walk plugin reported bad seed colors. It was not a bug but rather lack of proper documentation. Fixes 158. baniuk

Release 16.08.05 – 2016-10-06

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed problem with FormatConverter. Fixes 157. baniuk

Release 16.08.04 – 2016-10-03

Type Changes By
Fix Included javac dependency to solve problem with dependencies removed from Fiji. See this thread: http://forum.imagej.net/t/no-javac-jar-found/2340. Fixes 154. baniuk

Release 16.08.03 – 2016-10-01

Type Changes By
Add Added simple tool for conversion between paQP and QCONF format. Fixes 144. baniuk
Add Protrusion Analysis: Added outline plots. Fixes 147. baniuk
Add Protrusion Analysis: Added averaged background images. Fixes 142. baniuk
Add Protrusion Analysis: Added export of statistics. Fixes 150. baniuk
Add Protrusion Analysis: Added user interface. Fixes 152. baniuk

Release 16.08.02 – 2016-09-15

Type Changes By
Add Protrusion Tracking: New output images. Fixes 24. baniuk

Release 16.08.01-SNAPSHOT – 2016-09-13

Type Changes By
Update Plugin code reworked. Fixes 133. baniuk
Fix paQP files generated from QCONF contained bad segmentation parameters. Fixes 128. baniuk
Fix ANA: clear option does not work. Fixes 130. baniuk
Fix ANA: stored bad paths in QCONF. Fixes 132. baniuk
Update Added description of parameters in paQP file. Fixes 134. baniuk
Update Rename toolbar menu entry. Fixes 136. baniuk
Update Add preselection of active file format. Fixes 137. baniuk
Add Protrusion Tracking: New output images. Fixes 24. baniuk

Release 16.08.01-SNAPSHOT – 2016-09-02

Type Changes By
Fix Deal with problem of restoring image from QCONF file. Fixes 131. baniuk
Update Fix of several bugs introduced after issue 196. baniuk

Release 16.08.01-SNAPSHOT – 2016-09-01

Type Changes By
Add Detect whether loaded QCONF file contains any previous data and notify user if it does. Fixes 123. baniuk
Update Option for saving outlines as separate image in ANA module. Fixes 127. baniuk
Update Allow to load new format to ANA. Fixes 126. baniuk
Add Data files in old format (Q111) are always generated when saving in new format (QCONF). Fixes 124. baniuk

Release 16.08.01-SNAPSHOT – 2016-07-30

Type Changes By
Fix Loading QCONF causes massive exceptions. Fixes 104. baniuk
Add Add options to clear all snakes and other settings from BOA menu. Fixes 117. baniuk
Add Allow to load new format to ECMM. Fixes 83. baniuk
Add Add support of new format QCONF to Q Analysis plugin. Fixes 122. baniuk

Release 16.08.01-SNAPSHOT – 2016-07-18

Type Changes By
Fix Current frame sometimes does not update when action taken in Binary Segmentation plugin. Fixes 115. baniuk
Fix Binary Segmentation causes errors when snake is modified. Fixes 114. baniuk
Fix BOA does not ask about file to save on SaveQuit. Fixes 116. baniuk
Fix Loading QCONF causes massive exceptions sometimes. Fixes 104. baniuk

Release 16.08.01-SNAPSHOT – 2016-07-13

Type Changes By
Fix Edited snakes are not processed by filters. Fixes 109. baniuk
Update Add default log4j configuration file. Fixes 107. baniuk
Fix Binary segmentation window can be duplicated. Fixes 100. baniuk
Add Add about menu in QuimP bar. Fixes 103. baniuk
Add Add link to doc from QuimP bar. Fixes 110. baniuk
Update Random Walk GUI should offer option of creating of seed image. Fixes 111. baniuk
Fix BinarySegmentation fails on single slice images. Fixes 112. baniuk
Update Binary segmentation should use various sources of masks. Fixes 102. baniuk